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About our Airsoft Products

AIRSOFT is the product of Japanese expert engineering and a strong desire for realistic firearms replicas. AIRSOFT models are 1/1 scale replicas of real-steel firearms. Unlike traditional BB guns, Airsoft guns fire a 6mm plastic projectile at speeds upwards of 300 feet per second (FPS). Guns are available in three types: spring operated, gas operated and battery operated.  

Spring Operated Guns - All Spring pistols need a 'slide-cocking' for each shot fired. Non-semi-automatic magazines hold about 22+ BBs each. No gas, batteries, or anything needed for these guns. Spring guns are very reliable and nice looking. 

Battery Powered Guns - These use a gear and piston system to expel each round. Electric models are semi or fully automatic. Airsoft is rapidly growing in popularity among paintball players and war gamers. Make no mistake, Airsoft is THE most accurate and realistic war gaming technology on the market today. It is for this reason that airsoft is being adopted by tactical teams and law enforcement groups around the world for its superior delivery of force-on-force training. Airsoft guns feature high impact ABS construction and with the proper care, have a long operational life.

Our electric miniguns are powered by either AAA or AA batteries. Unlike NiCad, you can purchase these anywhere. All guns below work on .12 gram BBs only. If you are just starting to use Airsoft, we would recommend picking up some SPRING GUNS before you buy Electrics. They have a longer range, and are more reliable for a first-time purchaser. Electrics are a lot of fun, for a springer veteran.

Gas Operated Guns - These use a propellant similar to CO2 known as GREEN GAS. These models are semi-automatic and require the user to merely pull the trigger to expel each round. Gas guns often feature blow back action resulting in the highly realistic cycling of the slide, very similar to the operation of a real firearm.

The most realistic Airsoft models available are gas blow back guns. These operate using a compressed gas called HFC22 or reen Gas. Operation is almost identical to that of a real firearm, upon pulling the trigger, gas is released to project the round at 250-350 FPS. As the round is leaving the barrel, the slide blows back to cycle the next round into the chamber. This allows the user to fire the gun as fast as they can pull the trigger. Some models are fully automatic with cyclic rates exceeding 1200 RPMs (Rounds Per Minute). The green gas and 6mm rounds are both fed from the scale size magazine. No external tank or CO2 cartridges are required for the operation of these guns. Green gas is required and sold separately. GBB guns have a maximum effective range of 30-40 ft with ammo capacity of 10-50 rounds depending on the model. All of our GBB models have a Hop-Up feature to put a backspin on the BB for longer flat trajectories.

It is impossible to modify any of our items to fire real ammunition.

Important Safety Tips:
Please read these safety tips so your experience with Airsoft guns will be safe and enjoyable.

ALWAYS ASSUME that any gun is loaded and ready to fire.
ALWAYS POINT any gun in a safe direction when carrying, cleaning or holding it.
ALWAYS KEEP your finger off the trigger until aimed and ready to fire.
ALWAYS KNOW what your target is and what is behind it in the bullet's path.
ALWAYS PROTECT children by keeping all guns out of reach and locked up.
ALWAYS WEAR protective safety glasses when firing any gun.

Airsoft Gun Required Markings:
All guns sold in our store are replicas. All Airsoft replica guns are shipped with a blaze orange muzzle tip in compliance with U.S. federal law. Do not ask to have any gun shipped without the orange tip or inquire about how to remove the tip.

Your Legal Responsibility:
When you make a purchase on this web site, you are agreeing to the following four statements:
1. I am at least 18 years of age and I have determined that there are no local or state laws that would prohibit me from purchasing or owning Airsoft products.
2. I understand that federal law states that the use of any replica toy gun in a crime carries the same penalty as a crime committed with a real firearm.
3. I agree that I hold the Vendor and all of its agents harmless of any and all legal action arising from my purchase.
4. I understand removing any warning stickers or any protective markings will violate federal law.