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The Spy Ear

Sound Amplifier for Electronic Eavesdropping

With the Spy Ear, you can listen-in on conversations that are whisper quiet. You can now hear all sorts of things that you could not hear before and you'll look like your just listening to music. Super sneaky, fun and very easy to use, just put the ear buds in your ears - aim the Spy Ear towards what you want to hear and listen. The earphones alone sell for $8 to $15 in stores!

The Spy Ear has adjustable volume control which amplifies sound up to 50 decibels. Spy ear is also great for watching TV late at night. While your spouse sleeps, you can keep the sound on the TV way down and still hear clearly. Spy Ear makes a great gift for hours of fun. Spy Ear comes complete and ready to GO! Spy Ear even comes with two extra batteries to keep you going. Others are selling this item for up to $21.99, but we are blowing them away by giving you two sets for less than half that much!


Just put in the stereo ear buds in your ear (these same ear buds will also work in any stereo radio, CD player, or tape player!

Point and aim the SPY EAR towards what you want to hear!


One pair of stereo Headphones!
Comes with a belt clip!
Batteries included PLUS 2 Extra Batteries!
Lightweight and Very Small!
Adjustable volume control!

SPECIAL PRICE $6.95 OR 2/$10.95

$6.95 each

$10.95 for two