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"high impact fun with crossbows and wrist rocket slingshots"

Wrist Rocket™ Slingshots & Supplies

This Page: The Hawk, Wrist-Rocket Bands, Pipper Sight, Slingshot Ammo, Paintballs

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Saunders introduced the world's first wrist-braced slingshot in 1954:   the Wrist-Rocket™
It has become synonymous with the ultimate in high velocity, high accuracy slingshots. Over the years Saunders has added features such as the self-centering ammo pouch, matched power bands, wear-reducing prongs and guidance collars. Your first shot with a Wrist-Rocket will tell you Saunders is still the best in slingshot design and product quality.

Hawk Slingshot - New Design
Hawk Wrist Rocket     

Compact & Tough!
The Hawk Slingshot has had a recent update so now it's better than ever before! The Twin Flat Band is our most powerful band and the Band Clip System makes for super fast band replacement. Features a solid contoured grip and the patented Hyper-Velocity Posi-Center ammo pouch.

Easily fits in a hunting jacket and packs a smooth and powerful punch. The Twin Tube Bands also fit the Hawk if you prefer the tubular band.

Click Here to Check out the New Wrist Rocket Pipper™ Sight System

#2020 Hawk Slingshot

Add an Extra Twin Flat Band - $8.95
Add 1 Lb of 3/8" Steel Ammo - $6.95

Price $16.95 each

And parts of 13 other states. Click here for a detailed list.

Wrist-Rocket™ Replacement Bands
New Black Mamba - Twin Flat
Wrist Rocket™ Replacement Bands

This sleek, black twin flat band looks great
and has UV protection for longer band life.

(For Hawk, Falcon 2, Double Eagle and Pro Only)

Click Here for Flat Band Replacement Instructions

Available in One & Three Band Packs

Price $8.95 - One Band

Price $24.95 - Three Bands

New Add-on for your Flatband Wrist Rocket - the Fiber Optic Sight System!
Pipper™ Sight System

Replace your top band clip with this polycarbonate gem and you are shooting with the most accurate sighting system available.

Over seven inches of fiber-optic filament is embedded in channels within the PipperT. Two alternating colors generate four precision aiming points. Use the top point for close targets and each consecutive point for targets further away.

A 13mm vial level (included) can be attached to the top surface. The level allows the shooter to lock in the vertical alignment needed for pinpoint accuracy. Brilliant!

(Fits Hawk, Falcon 2, Double Eagle and Pro Only)

Price $19.95 each

Use High Quality Glass or Steel Ammunition with your Wrist Rocket
Order More and Get Big Discounts! Ships for only $7.50 - Even for 5 Lbs!

1/2 inch Glass Ammo
Perfect Size & Weight

$6.95 for 1 pound - 168 count

3 pounds - 504 count
Only $19.95

Best Deal! - 5 pounds
840 count

3/8 Inch Steel Shot
Slingshot Ammo - Most Popular

$6.95 for 1 pound - 128 count

3 pounds - 384 count
Only $19.95

Best Deal! - 5 pounds
640 count

5/16 Inch Steel Shot
Slingshot Ammo
(Not recommended for the newer model Wrist Rocket
Brand Slingshots with Split Ammo Pouch)

$6.95 for 1 pound - 208 count

3 pounds - 624 count
Only $19.95

Best Deal! - 5 pounds
1040 count $29.95

Shoot Paintballs with your slingshot!

.40 Caliber Paintballs
For Your Slingshot or Blowgun!

These .40 caliber (3/8 inch) fine Tournament Grade paintballs feature a very thin brittle shell which fractures like an eggshell and splatters water soluble non toxic washable paint.  Works in Blowguns and Slingshots.

Available in Pink, Red, Orange,
Yellow, Blue, and Purple.

Bag of 100 - $4.95

Quantity: Choose your color:

 A slingshot is not a toy.
When used under adult supervision, a slingshot is an excellent tool for teaching shooting responsibility. As with any weapon, never point toward a person or shoot up in the air. Know where the ammo will land. Use ammo made for slingshots and always center it in the pouch. Regularly inspect power bands and pouch and replace if worn. Please read and follow all safety warnings and instructions included with each slingshot.