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"it's up to you to protect yourself, your family & your home"

Stun Guns with Real Stopping Power
The Runt
Stun Gun
Stun Master 100,000 - 300,000
Stun Master
625,000 Volts
Small Fry Stun Gun
Small Fry
3,000,000 Volts
Z-Force 100,000 - 300,000 Volts
Stun / Alarm Flashlight
Stun Batons
Hot Shot
Stun Gun
Pepper Spray to keep Attackers Away
Pepper Shot
1/2 oz
Pepper Shot
2 & 4 oz
Pepper Shot Tri-Pack
Lipstick Pepper Spray
Wildfire Pepper Spray
Wildfire 18% Spray
Pepper Spray Pen
Pepper Pen
Top Quality Mace Brand Defense Products
Pepper Spray
Pepper Gel
Pepper Foam
Approved Sprays
Triple Action Spray
Hot Walkers
Key Chain
Pepper Sprays
Pepper Batons
Pepper Pager
Personal Safety & Protection Devices
Personal Alarms
Safety Lights
Telescopic Batons
Driver Alert Alarm
Protect Yourself with Knives & Kubotons

Pen Knives

Prevent Animal Attacks
Bear Spray

Electronic Dog Repeller

Canine Pepper Spray
Learn to Defend Yourself
Street Safe DVD
Pepper Spray Booklet