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Discount Car Unlocking Tools
"you'll open locked doors in minutes with these easy to use tools"


Big Easy Ultimate Car Unlock Kit - Includes 30 Tools!
Save over $40 when you buy our most popular tools in one kit.  Plus, shipping is FREE!

This is our lowest price ever on all the Unlocking Tools and accessories you need to open almost any vehicle in any situation. These tools work great day or night, with full size or compact vehicles, with tinted windows and can be used for both inside and outside the door operations. Check out this How-to Video featuring the Big Easy Toolkit to see just how easy it is to use!

The Big Easy Ultimate Car Unlocking Kit includes all of these tools:
  • The Big Easy Public Safety kit which include the 55 inch long Vehicle Unlocking Tool,
  • The Big Easy Inflatable Air Wedge - holds the door gap open for easy access,
  • The Plastic Wedge to create an opening for the Air Wedge and Big Easy Tool,
  • The Paint Protector to prevent scratches on the vehicle,
  • The Lock Knob Puller - easily opens doors with protruding lock knobs.

  • The Big Easy Extend is now included with the Ultimate Kit. The glow in the dark
    Extend adds 12 inches to the length of the Big Easy Tool to reach even further into the vehicle.

    Big Easy Extend
  • Big Easy Loop. Glow in the dark loop that attaches to the end of the Big Easy Tool
    and makes it even easier to grab the inside door handle or window crank.

    Big Easy Door Handle Loop
  • Little Easy Compact Car and Truck Unlocking Tool. At just 25 inches long, it's easy to maneuver in small spaces.

  • Big Easy Night Light sticks to any window or windshield for Nighttime Unlocking jobs.

  • Universal Unlock Tool Kit with 9 Tools including 2 Slim Jims.
    Heavy Duty brand name lockout tools and pouch. See page for more info.

  • Set of 10 Tryout / Jiggler Door Unlock Keys.

  • Big Easy Heavy Duty Storage Pouch to keep all your Car Unlocking tools together and in great shape.

Everything you need to open vehicles in the most difficult situations. All of these items normally sell separately for over $240 - buy them together and save 20% - more than $40! Plus, Shipping is FREE!

Don't miss out on this great deal!

Big Easy Ultimate Car Unlock Kit - $199.95

Fast, Free Shipping via UPS!