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Stinky Stuff

This Page: Stink Bombs, Fart Spray, Exploding Fart Bags

3 Bombs per Box

Only $14.95 for 36 Bombs!


Toss the bomb, step on it, run over it with your car, anything you can think of to break it, Then watch out.... the Stink is released!

Super Stinky!!!!!!!

Whew....This Stink bomb is PUTRID - the best Stink BOMBS on the market today!

Each box contains three stink bombs.

$8.95 for 6 Boxes

or $14.95 for 12 Boxes


This stuff stinks! Spray this in your friend's car on a hot summer day. Spray this on your friend's favorite clothes. The possibilities are endless. Spray a little of this and it will clear the room instantly! The smell will linger for hours. Don't be caught with your pants down! Get a can for your car, your office, your home.

1 Can - Price $2.95
4 Cans - Price $9.95
(Must be shipped via UPS Ground
No orders to APO, Alaska, or Hawaii addresses)

$2.95 for 1 Can

or $9.95 per 4 Cans


 Exploding Fart Bags - These are the ultimate gag items. These fart bags/stink bombs really, really smell! Simply squeeze the fart bag to activate and immediately it will begin to expand until it bursts with a loud bang and NASTY SMELL! These are very safe products that "explode" with air pressure rather than fire. There is no heat, flames or unsafe chemicals involved, simply squeeze it and set it down (Don't forget to hold your nose).

12 Bags for $5.00
Special Price
1 Case / 72 Bags for only $25.00 !

12 Bags for $5.00

72 Bags for $25.00