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Driveway Patrol - Remote Wireless Chime

Advertised on TV under the name "Driveway Alert", this great product will alert you if a car or person passes by the transmitter. Simply place the transmitter near the entrance to your driveway and anything passing by the transmitter will cause the receiver to sound a pleasant chime. Can also be placed by the front door to alert you if small children (or big children at night!) try to leave the home. Will alert business owners, working in the back, to customers entering their store. Simple installation- wireless. 400 ft. range. Requires one 9 volt and three 'C' batteries.


Price $39.95 each - Sale Price $34.95

Voice Alert System-6

Voice Alert System-6 is a new annunciator system featuring wireless PIR sensors transmitters and a remote receiver/speaker base unit. Users record their own alert messages and are then notified with their own voice message when activity in a monitored area is detected. Key applications include:

Wireless Driveway Alarm
Residential and Small Business Security
Child Monitoring and Pool Safety
Home Automation

System-6 allows a maximum of six user recorded messages. Each message is specific to one zone. For instance, zone one could be for a driveway alarm -“Car coming up the driveway” while zone two could be for a sensor monitoring the back yard- “Alert! Child by the pool!” Perhaps a third sensor guards a side entrance against intruders. However, when this PIR detects movement, the base unit plays “Intruder on patio” and triggers a floodlight using one of four relays included on the base unit. System-6 can monitor all three zones simultaneously and still have three additional zones available when needed. Users can alter their messages and place the wireless sensors wherever they wish.

Voice Alert System-6 sets up in minutes and can be completely customized to fit their individual needs. The wireless PIRs feature: all weather protection, adjustable mounting and sensitivity, and can send a signal 300 feet through walls and up to 1000 feet in open space.

"Originally I had doubts about a 'wireless' product, but not anymore! My wife and I love the Voice Alert. It's so easy to setup and record our own messages. Sometimes we change them for fun, like last Halloween. Now we are notified when someone is coming up our walkway, enters our garage, or comes around the backyard. This is a great product!" -- Kent G., Portland, Oregon

Click Here for more Info and Frequently Asked Questions

You may add more sensor/transmitters (VA-6000T) to cover as many areas as you want.

Includes the base unit and a wireless sensor.

Extra Sensors

Price $149.95 each


Order Extra Sensors

Price $69.95 each


    Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I make a different recording for every transmitter?
    Yes. If you put one in your garage and one in your backyard, the recording for the garage transmitter could be something like, "There's someone in the garage." and the back yard could say, "There's someone in the backyard." This is how you would be notified if someone trespassed into those areas.
  2. Is the Sensor/Transmitter waterproof?
    The Sensor/Transmitters can be used indoors and outside. They are designed to withstand weather including rain and snow but are not designed to be submerged in water. When installed outside the Sensor/Transmitters do best when in a covered area and not in direct sunlight.
  3. How does the Sensor/Transmitter work?
    The Sensor/Transmitter is a passive infrared receiver (PIR). It detects movement by the change it causes in background temperature and then transmits a radio signal to the Receiver/Speaker that movement has been detected.
  4. How far will the Sensor/Transmitter send a signal to the Receiver/Speaker?
    The Sensor/Transmitters will transmit a signal in an open area up to 1000 feet to the Receiver/Speaker. Through walls the Sensor/Transmitters will transmit a signal to the Receiver/Speaker up to 300 feet.
  5. Will tree branches trigger a false signal?
    It is possible for branches to cause a false trigger. The best location to install the Sensor/Transmitter in an area where tree branches and bushes will not be blown by a wind in the detection zone of the Sensor/Transmitters.
  6. Will birds or dogs or cats trigger a false signal?
    The Sensor/Transmitters are designed to ignore small animals under 40 Lbs. To reduce the possibility for a false trigger caused by movement of a small animal it is recommended that the Sensor/Transmitters be mounted at a height of 7 1/2 feet above the ground. The lower the Sensor/Transmitters are mounted the higher the chance of picking up a small animal.
  7. How often will the Sensor/Transmitter send a signal?
    The Sensor/Transmitter has two modes for sensing movement and sending a signal. The (setup) mode that is set at the factory identifies all movement and transmits each detected movement to the Receiver/Speaker. The battery saver mode will detect movement every 3 minutes and then transmit to the Receiver/Speaker. Removing the jumper in the Sensor/Transmitter will setup this mode.
  8. Will the system work through walls of my home?
    The system is designed to function through the interior walls of a home and exterior walls of a home. The Sensor/Transmitters have difficulty transmitting a signal through aluminum siding or metal surfaces and are best located on a window in that situation.
  9. How many Sensor/Transmitters will the system recognize?
    There is no limit to the number of Sensor/Transmitters that can be installed with a system. There are 3 voice messages that are available for the Sensor/Transmitters to activate.
  10. How long will the Receiver/Speaker work off the battery?
    The Receiver/Speaker is designed to function as a power back up in the event of a power outage. The Receiver/Speaker battery will function for up to 2 hours depending on the amount of speaker activity.
  11. Can a Sensor/Transmitter be recognized by more than one Receiver/Speaker?
    The Sensor/Transmitter can be set to activate an unlimited number of Receiver/Speakers.
  12. Will the Sensor/Transmitter recognize a small child?
    The Sensor/Transmitter is intended to identify children of about 40 Lbs or larger when the Sensor/Transmitter is installed at a height of 7 1/2 feet above the ground. If it is desired to identify smaller children then the Sensor/Transmitter will need to be installed lower to the ground. When animals are present they may create a false trigger.
  13. Will the Sensor/Transmitter work in the dark?
    Yes, the Sensor/Transmitter will work in the dark or in full light.
  14. How long will the battery last in the Sensor/Transmitter?
    The battery in the Sensor/Transmitter can last up to 1 year depending on if the Sensor/Transmitter is set to battery saver mode. Temperature can also affect the life of any battery. Operating a battery at cold temperature will reduce its life.
  15. How large of an area do the Sensor/Transmitters monitor?
    The Sensor/Transmitters are designed to monitor a 40-foot by 40-foot area when they are installed at 7 1/2 feet above the ground and there are no obstructions.
  16. Where can I get additional Sensor/Transmitters?
    Additional Sensor/Transmitters are available on this web site.


Records six separate user recorded voice messages, ~6.5 seconds each.
Supports 6 Sensor/Transmitters.
Volume Control knob allows you to set the message volume to suit your needs.
Message playback buttons allow you to test each recorded message.
Digital recording chip allows you to change voice messages easily.
Missed message indicator, alerts you of activity that occurred in your absence.
9V alkaline battery backup in the event of power outage.
Solid-state construction.
Powerful 433.92 MHz receiver.
Magnetically shielded speaker.
FCC Part 15 approved.
Receiver Stability: Crystal
Receiver sensitivity: -100dBm


Monitored range: 40 X 40 feet when installed at 7 1/2 feet above the ground.
Passive infrared (heat) motion detection technology
Installation kit includes double stick mounting tape and screws
Lightweight all-weather construction for use indoors or outside.
9V alkaline battery lasts up to 1 year.
Transmits up to 1000 feet to Receiver/Speaker in open space and up to 300 feet through walls.
LED transmit display when motion is detected (on/off jumper selectable).
Powerful 433.92 MHz transmitter
FCC Part 15 approved.

Quick Start Guide:

Unpack your VOICE ALERT™ and identify all of the components.
Install the 9V batteries (supplied) in the Receiver/Speaker and the Sensor/Transmitters.
Attach the AC/DC power converter to the Receiver/Speaker and wall receptacle
Turn on the Receiver/Speaker by pressing the "POWER" button on the front of the Receiver/Speaker (red front panel LED will turn on)
Record voice messages
On the back of the Receiver/Speaker slide the switch to "RECORD VOICE" position.
Press a desired message button #1 or #2 or #3, etc.
While holding the message button speak into the "MIC" (6.5 seconds maximum)
Rear panel LED will light while recording
Return the slide switch to "Run" position
Repeat steps A-C for each message button
Install Sensor/Transmitter #1 in location and trigger message #1
Install Sensor/Transmitter#2 in location and trigger message #2
Press "PLAYBACK" on front of Receiver/Speaker to hear the message and stop LED from flashing.
Adjust the "VOLUME" knob on the front of the Receiver/Speaker to desired volume level.
For your convenience the Sensor/Transmitters have been pre-programmed at the factory.
Sensor/Transmitters have the largest detection pattern (40 feet X 40 feet) when installed at 71/2 feet above floor. Lower installation will detect smaller persons or animals or objects and Sensor/Transmitters will have a shorter detection pattern.
Make sure there are no obstructions or moving objects (tree limbs etc) in desired detection pattern.
Sensor/Transmitters should not be installed where they will face direct sunlight or oncoming automobile headlights. (indirect light through a window will not cause a trigger)
Avoid installing Sensor/Transmitters on metal surfaces such as aluminum siding or metal doors.
Do not drop any of the VOICE ALERT components as doing so may damage them.